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Adult Congenital Heart Disease BachelorClass

The Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) Bachelor Course covers the spectrum of "common" and (more or less) "simple" congenital defects. The pathologies are discussed with respect to their clinical presentation, epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment. The main focus is on the echocardiographic assessment of congenital defects. Additional imaging modalities such as MRI and CT are also discussed. The target audience is: sonographers, cardiologists, intensivists, anesthesiologists and heart surgeons involved in the management of patients with congenital heart disease. Pediatric cardiologists are also welcome to take the course. We recommend at least basic prior knowledge in echocardiography. The content can be considered as an "add-on" to the EchoBachelor- and the Echo Masterclass as the topics are presented in more detail and include imaging aspects unique to congenital heart disease. The video course features numerous echo examples, patient cases, demonstrations, lectures, expert opinions, and multiple-choice questions.


Aortic Disease

53:52 Chapter 8

Aortic dilatation, how to measure the Ao, genetic syndromes and connective tissue disorders.

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51:07 Chapter 13

Surgical Procedures in congenital heart disease.

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Ebstein Anomaly

18:15 Chapter 16

Description- assessment-, hemodynamics- correction and associated lesions of EbsteinĀ“s anomaly.

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Cases in ACHD

1:21:30 Chapter 18

In this chapter, Elena, Matthias and Thomas present cases directly from the lab.

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