Writing an Ultrasound Report – Secrets: Part 5 – Report Template Echocardiography

Why reinvent the wheel? All you need to do is use a practice proven report template and there you go! That’s exactly how I started. In this NL I will provide you with exactly such a template for echocardiography, together with an explanation.

The chambers of the heart

Echo Report Part 1
All structures that were examined are also mentioned. Important measurements are included in the text.

Even though this is a normal exam, it is still important to include all the components that were looked at. This demonstrates that you performed a thorough exam. Also note that important measurements are included in the text to allow the reader to grasp the important information quickly.

The vessels, valves and pericardium

Next on the list are the vessels (aorta, pulmonic artery and IVC), valves and last the pericardium.

Echo Report Part 2
Part 2 dealing with the vessels valves and pericardium. Don’t forget to mention the pulmonary artery and valve!

It is important to always stick to the same format and to mention every structure you looked at! People who will know your report format will easily find what they are looking for and they will know that you did a complete exam!

So good so far, but what about the final conclusion? Do we need one even if the exam is normal? Is one word (“normal”) enough? Here is my suggestion:

Echo Report Part 3

I am aware that many roads lead to Rome but this is the format I use. I hope you will find it useful.

What do you use? Any further suggestions? Please leave a comment below. In the next Newsletter we will talk about “grading” and phrasing. A very important topic indeed!

Best Thomas Binder and the 123sonography team


PS: for all of you who want to copy the text of a “normal” exam here are the links: