Pancreatic cancer – Early diagnosis is vital!

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month! Early diagnosis and appropriate care are crucial for patients with suspected pancreatic malignancies. Unfortunately, this cancer is very aggressive, and is often overlooked in its early stages, as symptoms are heterogeneous and patients may not show any early signs. Survival depends on the cancer stage and the treatment options. Recent progress has led to more early-stage diagnoses and improved survival rates, thanks to advancements in early detection methods including ultrasound. While the pancreas can be tricky to scan due to its location, we offer comprehensive training in abdominal ultrasound, covering vital pancreatic pathologies with expert insights. Don't miss a diagnosis; start learning now with our abdominal ultrasound course – get your free lectures now!

Sometimes you can really save a patients life: The following loop shows stage 1 pancreatis a cancer stage that shows relatively favorable 5-years survival rate of approximately 34% to 54% if treated quickly.

Which of the following statements about the definition of stage 1 pancreatic cancer are correct?

A) A small tumor ≤ 2cm and confined to the pancreas

B) No regional lymph node involvement

C) Hyperechogenic appearance on ultrasound

D) No distant metastasis

E) Tumor confined to the head of the pancreas

The correct answers are:

A) A small tumor ≤ 2cm and confined to the pancreas

B) No regional lymph node involvement

and D) No distant metastasis

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