High quality teaching points

3D planimetry

In this video Prof. Thomas Binder, MD shows you the advantages of using 3D echocardiography for planimetry of the mitral valve including some impressive examples.

How can I use 3D echo to perform planimetry of the MV?

LV shapes

In this introductory video you will learn what shapes the left ventricle can take depending on the underlying pathology.

What shapes of the LV can I find?

Vascular ultrasound

In this video, you will learn how to differentiate a newly formed thrombus in patients who suffer from chronic DVT by imaging modalities such as B-mode imaging, Color Doppler, and PW-Doppler.

How can I recognize a new deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in patients with chronic DVT?

MSK ultrasound

In this video you will see how Marc Schmitz suggests a way of how to reach the goal of learning MSK ultrasound.

What is the best learning path for learning MSK ultrasound?