COVID-19 and the caterpillar - Now is the time to “think forward”

Are we in the third (or even fourth) wave? Is the Astra Zeneca vaccine safe? Should we lock-down or open-up? These and many other COVID-related topics currently dominate the media and our daily life.  

All of us are kept hostage by the COVID virus and I see that many are getting weary, emotional, tired, and drained. But, despite the negative aspects of the pandemic it is important to look into the future. To change your mindset and help you to discuss what is important in the long run; from a global AND a very personal perspective.


The power of transformation

What Do Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, and Abraham Lincoln have in common?

They all came out stronger after a financial-, personal- or political crisis.

Do you see where I am getting? While others whined, quarreled, or simply gave up they took matters into their own hands and made a change; a change that greatly impacted their career.

The famous sociologist and author Martha Beck once said:

“Any deep crisis is an opportunity to make your life extraordinary in some way.”

I believe COVID is such an opportunity

You might want to invest in Bitcoin, produce face masks or start an e-commerce company to rival Amazon. But the safest way to benefit from the crisis is to use the chance to propel your career. You can be confident that:

“Your career will last longer than the COVID pandemic.”


A little secret

When we sat together a few months ago to discuss which motto we should choose for a special spring offer – we had exactly this idea in mind; to change your mindset and direct your focus towards positive things.

We came up with the concept of “metamorphosis”, which transforms the caterpillar into a butterfly. Of course, we want to motivate you to learn ultrasound; a technology, which is a true game-changer, which can lift your career into the skies and open new opportunities. We’ve seen it happen in so many of our students.

But the concept of metamorphosis also applies to many other things in life that you can change and transform during the COVID crisis as well.

So the next time the pandemic highjack’s your mind and you are surrounded by the hardships and all the negative aspects of COVID - remember the quote:

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly


Stay safe and come out stronger,

Thomas Binder and the 123sonography team!

PS: Which opportunities and learnings does COVID bring for you? Post your comments below.